Lightbox is designed to be a good citizen in your digital life. Right now, it lets you email your photos using multiple clients (customizable via Applescript®!), convert your images to another format, or give a slideshow. The slide show even takes the first step towards iLife™ integration, allowing you to use your iTunes® music during the show. You can compress and archive your images to a tar file for distribution, create a simple HTML gallery, or set your desktop image!

Print Contact Sheets
Lightbox lets you print contact sheets, too! Pick the album you want to print, select Print from the Images menu, and there you go! To change the resolution or number of images per row, pick "Lightbox" from the popup in the print panel.

Add your own
Developers can also write their own plugins to share photographs! Take a look at the developers section for more information. For instance, Zach Schneirov created the excellent Archive to tar, HTML Album, and Set Desktop plugins that ship with Lightbox.

You can make Lightbox even better! Tell us what you think!


System Requirements
Camera Compatibility


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