One of the great things about shooting slides is that you can put a sheet on a lightbox and quickly see your images--that's what Lightbox is designed to be about. Select the album you want and quickly see your images. Drag them around to rearrange them. Copy or move them to a different album. It's up to you. When you want to preview one (and maybe check your exposure in the histogram), double-click it. You can even preview crw files! Lightbox will also do its best to respect any embedded profiles. When you want to take it into the darkroom, option-double-click to open the image in Adobe Photoshop.

Multiple storage locations
Shoot in the field, download to your laptop. When you get back home, connect your laptop to your desktop, open Lightbox on your desktop, and load your laptop's Lightbox storage location into your desktop. You can transfer your images right to your desktop easily and quickly--just choose "Copy to Location." Later on, when your hard drive's full, add a new storage location on an external disk and move your images there by choosing "Move to Location." Tip: If Lightbox is taking a while to launch because you have thousands of images, move some older images to a new storage location and unload it until you need it. It will still be on the hard drive, and you can load it to see the images, but Lightbox will launch faster!

Backup Images
New with Lightbox 1.0.2 is the ability to compress a photo to 1 industry standard .tar.gz file so that you can recover it years from now.

Lightbox lets you burn CDs and DVDs. You can choose to backup your images, relocate your images to a disc (freeing up hard drive space while still letting you search for the images and see their thumbnails), or move/copy them to a storage location on the disc.

Advanced Find
Search in any album (or all albums) on any bit of data. Select commonly used information, such as date, from the menu or enter your own custom data to search for. Your search results will be shown in the Last Search album until you search again.

Image Plugins
You can even write your own image editing plugins, such as the included sRGB plugin. And of special note to researchers, your plugins can operate on multiple images at once! Visit the developers section for more information.

You can make Lightbox even better! Tell us what you think!


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